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Holistic Movement Motivation

''I use my life experiences and knowledge to motivate you to move forward in every aspect of your life''

For companies

Well-Being Programs for Your Employees, Lectures, Consultations, Corporate Fitness, Nutrition, Mindfulness, Sound Bath


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For persons

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, Personal training, Nutrition Advice, Mindfulness,

Sound Bath, Workshops

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About Me

Something little bit about me. My experiences and education.

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H. M. M.

What is Holistic? What is Movement? What is Motivation?

What is Holistic Movement Motivation and why it has been created?


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What the people say about me and my work with them.


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My imagination goes on carefree journey.


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All the ways how to get in touch with me.


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''I am not only a coach, consultant, advisor, facilitator, mentor or a trainer. Rather I am the mix of all of them.''

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