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Holistic Movement Motivation

''Holistic approach to the life, looking at the cause to understand effects''

Holistic is an adjective that refers to the concept of considering the whole, rather than just the parts. It involves a comprehensive approach that takes into account all aspects of a person, situation, or system, rather than focusing on individual elements in isolation.

Holistic thinking emphasizes the interconnectedness of various components and the importance of understanding how they all work together to create a larger picture.

In the context of health and wellness, holistic practices take into account a person's physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, as well as their social and environmental factors, to promote overall health and wellness.

In other fields, such as business or education, a holistic approach might involve considering the entire system and all its components to improve its effectiveness and achieve better outcomes.

Movement is a noun that refers to the act or process of changing position or location. It can also refer to a particular campaign, initiative, or activity that aims to achieve a specific goal or effect change in society.

In the context of human physiology, movement refers to the ability of the body to change its position, posture, or shape, and to carry out various physical activities such as walking, running, jumping, or lifting objects. This involves the coordination of muscles, bones, and joints, as well as the nervous and circulatory systems.

Motivation is a noun that refers to the driving force behind a person's thoughts, emotions, and behavior. It is the process that initiates, guides, and maintains goal-oriented behavior, and it is influenced by a variety of internal and external factors.

Motivation can be intrinsic, meaning that it comes from within the individual, such as a desire for personal growth or a sense of fulfillment. Alternatively, it can be extrinsic, meaning that it comes from external factors such as rewards, recognition, or social pressure.

There are various theories of motivation that attempt to explain why people behave in certain ways and what drives their behavior. These include Maslow's hierarchy of needs, which suggests that people are motivated by a series of needs that must be met in order of priority, and Self-Determination Theory, which suggests that people are motivated when they feel a sense of autonomy, competence, and relatedness.

Motivation plays a critical role in many areas of life, including education, work, sports, and personal relationships, as it helps people set and achieve goals, overcome obstacles, and maintain their energy and enthusiasm for tasks over time.

Holistic Movement Motivation is not only about the motivation of physical movement. It is about the motivation to make movement as whole, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Movement help us being physically energized and mentally focused, which reflex in better emotional connection, what get us more spiritually aligned. When all of these are interconnected, we are coming closer to wholeness of Well-Being.

H. M. M. has been based and structured on my own personal experiences and knowledge which I gain along the way. There has been quite a lot of different experiences, and I have tried few different paths to help me to live better life. I would like to share this knowledge with intention to help others to improve their lives, so they can live more balanced, stress-free, fulfilling life.

Holistic Movement Motivation is about the Lifestyle Journey not about the goal.

''Everything is interconnected , nothing works alone''

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