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''You need to want to change, then start walk the path of change''


1.5 years ago, I went to Marek. I told him about my back pain. I work with young physically disabled children, which involves a lot of lifting and working close to the ground. I had already been to physiotherapy regularly. It always helped, but unfortunately, it was only temporary. Marek is a personal trainer who takes the time for you. He asks about the possible complaints and the goal, and works on it! Marek gave me advice on lifting techniques, postures, and exercises to strengthen my body, which allowed me to do my work without any pain and with great pleasure. I feel fitter than ever!


Let's start from the beginning.

When Diana told me about the sessions, I found it quite interesting. It seemed like a nice way to relax for an hour. So I went along with her just to relax. At that time, I never thought that this would be a turning point in a troublesome condition I had been dealing with for years.

So, let me explain more about it. I have been seriously suffering from tinnitus for about twenty years. It varies in intensity, but it has been a problem for twenty years. After various examinations, including one at the UZ (University Hospital) in Ghent, the conclusion was irreversible damage. In other words, I had to learn to live with it. I had accepted this, but this condition affected my life on many occasions. My mood, fatigue, insomnia, and so on. It was quite severe.

So, it is no surprise that I am talking about a turning point. From the very first session, I experienced a certain vibration in my hearing. It was a very remarkable experience when I lay there and could perceive these vibrations. But my surprise was even greater when I left. My tinnitus was gone. There was peace in my head. I also suddenly heard much sharper. It stayed away for a few days, but then it came back. However, in a milder form. But the more sessions I did, the calmer everything remained. I also noticed that certain tones affect me much more deeply than others. Especially during the last sessions where the gong is used, the result is astonishing.

I have been tinnitus-free for three weeks now. For me, it is a relief.

Written on 26 March 2023

Till now Stany is still tinnitus free


For several months now, I have been receiving a sound bath session from Marek every Monday evening. It is something I look forward to every time. I get to fully relax, receive, experience, and feel in a comfortable and safe setting where everything is allowed. Marek intuitively knows how to produce the right sounds, and is genuine in providing personal guidance to each individual after every session. For me, it feels like a gift to myself.


I come a cross to Marek through a friend of mine. She has been training with Marek for some time, and the results which I saw were quite impressive. We started with personal training, because I wanted to improve my fitness level. After few sessions I was very intrigue with Marek's unconventional thinking about life, so I decided to give a go to his holistic coaching. Oh boy, how glad I am that I did it. Now I am not only physically fitter but mentally and emotionally more balanced. 


Honest, direct, eye on details, consistent, supportive, knowledgeable, funny - that is how I would describe Marek.  If you are not prepare to do your homework and take responsibility of your own life, but expecting somebody to carry you, then Marek is not your guy. He will keep mirroring your weaknesses and he will keep pushing you to the limits. I can not, does not work with Marek, and he will show you that you actually can. 


Training under Marek's guidance was one of the best choices I have done in my fitness journey. In past I have tried some online programs and advices from youtube influencers. I have made some progress, but always end it up in plateaus or I just felt that I am missing something. After talking with Marek. I have decided that I will try and train under his guidance. After first day I was like - Ok, this is something completely different. Overal results I saw much quicker then with any other online program or advice. Thank's to Marek I learn few new methods how to train and how to also avoid plateaus. 


Surely not your ordinary personal trainer or for that matter a person. His knowledge in fitness, nutrition, and life in general is very impressive. Marek's directiveness can feel as arrogance or being rude, but that is not the case. He really got his best interest to help you to reach the best out of you. Surely you will have to put work into it.


When I came to Marek I had pain in my shoulder and lower back. With a shoulder I noticed improvement after 3 weeks. Lower back took a bit longer around 6 weeks, but that is due to my work and not doing homework. Marek saw straight away through me that I am not really doing my homework. He gave me ultimatum - or I start do my homework or he will stop with me. Marek is very result driven and he will let you know that. 2 months later, no shoulder or lower back pain.


If you are really sure that you want to change your life in no matter what way then Marek can surely help you. His insights into problems show solutions. His ways of thinking will shows paths not seen to you. Sound Bath by Marek will help you to relax and come closer with your inner self.


From the first moment with Marek, I felt support, understanding and empowerment. Physically I start feel much more fit and the shifts in mindset were amazing. Marek was very clear about the one and the most important thing - I have to take action to improve my life, nobody else will do it for me. In terms of actual change in my life, it took around four weeks to start seeing results. 


What an experience to have Marek as a Personal trainer. At very first meeting I had all sorts of mixed thoughts about Marek. His opening statement - You do what I say or goodbye. I am not interested to get you six pack to show off, but to improve your life. At first I thought - that's a bit arrogant. More and more Marek kept talking, more I realize that he possess enormous amount of knowledge, and that his honesty and directiveness can be easily mistaken for arrogance.  

''Stay focused on this path, temptations of stagnation will try to distract you''

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