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''There is no such thing as hitting rock bottom, as long as you live you always can fall deeper''
''Let that sink in''

From an young age I have been questioning my existence, life but mostly death, alongside the rough background in which I have been growing up, this combination created more downs then ups and some ''traumas''. At 23 years of age I left my country and moved abroad in hope of pursue for better life. Unfortunately, experiences from my childhood and teenage years been constantly influencing my adult decisions. Walking through the life like a blind person, trying to escape the past, living on the wild side. Constant questioning, not seeing the answers. Few years passed, when suddenly in mysterious way my life took very different turn. From party 24/7, do not care attitude, never read a book person, I started to search for higher purpose of my life. I stopped working and start reading, hours and hours, book after book, on topics such as history, quantum physics, biology, philosophy, self-help, religions and spirituality. The more I read, more I felt certain inner fulfillment, but still there was something missing. Until one day when realization came, I can read as much books as I want, as long as I wont put it in to practice of daily life and make it experience, nothing would change. I let my inner voice to navigate me and let it to take me wherever I need it to be. Since then, this inner voice took me to different places of inner self development. I took different types of personal and spiritual development courses, workshops and lectures. Here I met many people from all walks of life, I hear many different life-stories, and I learn different coping strategies, lifestyle changing techniques and methods. I got deeper and clearer insight about my whole life, and I rose up from victim role to Creator Mindset. Not to be understand wrongly, this does not mean that I am in never-ending state of Nirvana and everything is now without of issues. Of course along the way there are still some downs, and past experiences now and then trying to disturb my focus. The difference is, and it is a big difference, how I deal with it.

Now I am on my Life Journey of Improvement  and not in a dead-end of stagnation. 

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When I was very deep down, this motto help me a lot
''Enjoy your shit''

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